Alben-Quad-03_HF-Live Cover


Henrik Freischlader – g, voc
Oliver Schmellenkamp – b
Dirk Sengotta – d

Additional Musicians
Hardy Fischötter – d*
Mickey Neher – d**
Sascha Kühn – k***

*CD3 01+02
**CD3 05-09
***CD3 06-09

Smokin’ live blues cd! I’am always looking for ripping guitar blues bands and I found one here. I ran into this band on grooveyard [...] they were selling there new 4th cd. so I went to to see if they had the first three and found this three disc live set. It as a nice mix of the bands own songs and some great covers. If you like live blues cd’s you will enjoy this cd. It’s well recorded and you get three hours of music.

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