Recorded by Martin Meinschäfer

Alben-Quad-04_HF-RBMM Cover


Henrik Freischlader – g, b, d, voc, keys, perc

Get ready for old-school guitar-oriented blues-rock that almost surpasses the masters. This is a seasoned musician who has studied everyone from Hendrix to Montgomery, from Moore to Beck, from Trower to Green (both Grant and Peter). And yet he offers something of his own — he has taken these players to new heights, capturing their various moods, accentuating both their subtlety and their ferocity, their gentleness and their fire. When he is soft and understated, he has the ability to calm the savage beast; and when he lets go, he makes you feel his tormented soul. Only a true master can express this diversity in guitar music, and Freischlader does so with style and panache, intensity and grace. This CD has to be heard to be believed. Guitar fanatics watch out — a new god has arrived!

Steven J. Rosen,